Who are we


Our Firm is focused on the field of taxation. We provide professional advisory services in all aspects of this area of expertise, and we have the necessary personal resources for the whole spectrum of issues that may arise for our clients.

Our team is highly experienced and used to give assessment services to a wide variety of clients who work with us.

Our clients recognize in us the ability to provide appropriate tax advice, the pragmatic approach to our work, and the ability to effectively communicate complex tax concepts.

It is particularly significant that the area in which we have been most recognized is that of representing our clients before the Tax Authorities. Although we have an extensive network of regular clients, it is significant that many clients come to us when the tax authorities knock on their door. We like to think that in these situations clients are looking for the best professional service, and that the importance of law firms’ brands, the luxury of its offices, the decoration of the waiting room, and in a word, the more shallow and non-essential aspects of the professional activity, become secondary. We like to think that when there are real problems, word of mouth leads clients to the door of our house.

Tax Specialits


Tax Inspections

The relations with the Tax Administration require a high dose of legal knowledge concerning the rights and obligations of the taxpayers. It also demands extensive practical experience in relations with the Inspection and with the other Administration Bodies.

Regular Assessment

The main activity of our work is to provide recurrent advice. Our clients, from the most recent to the longest-standing, know that we support them in their economic activity, and that we are there when they need us.

Transactional Taxation

The so-called transactional taxation includes the tax advice and management that are necessary when an economic transaction is concluded. It includes the taxation of mergers and acquisitions of companies, the tax planning of the family business, as well as the taxation of the different sources of financing.