Our Team

Our professional team is composed of a group of lawyers and economists of very different origins, ages and backgrounds, but with one thing in common: a passion for a job well done.

Our professional team includes twenty-three years of teaching experience at the University; long periods of training in the largest and most renowned law firms in the country; stays in foreign law firms; published works in the professional and academic fields; and founders of successful professional firms. There are also ambitious and hard-working young people, knowledge of languages, expertise in technologies. In our team there are extraordinary professional trajectories of people coming from other countries who have succeeded in professional practice starting from much more difficult situations than those of the salon tax advisers.

We believe that our clients appreciate our team for its honesty. They know who we are, and they know that we do not want to pretend to be more than what we are. We are honest because our families taught us to be so, and we do not know how to be otherwise; we are honest not because a business guru says that honesty gives good results, we are honest because it is the essence of our Firm, because whoever does not have the honesty we ask for has no place in our team, and because we do not know how to do it any other way.